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General information

Apart from the Built-to-Suit facilities, recognizing the demand for the premium quality of ready-built warehouses (referred as "General Warehouse"), WHA has developed the Warehouse Farm project which is named "the WHA Mega Logistics Center" since 2010 in order to accommodate such demand for the immediate storage space as well as the support the overflow operations of the Built-to-Suit clients during the peak season. This Warehouse Farm Concept consists of the numbers of high-standard ready-built warehouses developed in the selected strategic locations for the logistics and distribution of the country in which some minor adjustments to the warehouse allowed to enables the most fit to their operations. With the success of this Warehouse Farm concept in the Market, there are currently about 10 WHA Mega Logistics Centers in various strategic logistics locations in the country in the present day.

Infrastructure and facility

WHA will provide the premium facility, best in market, with high standard specification in the selected strategic locations for logistics and distribution with some degree of flexibility for the minor adjustments along with our consulting and design. This type of facility allow client to do immediate move-in as the over-flow activities occur.

Service for Genaral Warehouse

Apart from the premium quality of the facilities that WHA provides for the clients, our premium after-sale services is also one of our key success factors that leads WHA to 100% occupancy and highest client satisfaction for over 10 years. WHA operation-and-maintenance (OM) team will provide the premium on-site services with quick response to ensure the least disturbance to the customer's operational activities.